[TOMAJA Statistic Data] Followers vs. Watch Faces [Summer 2018]

Hello There,

here is the correlation* between watch face quantity and followers number :wink:

  • TOP 30 of unofficial TOMAJA Statistic Data based on the total followers number of featured and premium designers at the Facer platform. Please enjoy this date carefully. If you know somebody, who actually should be in the ranking, please write me a comment or a private massage and I will add this designer for the next TOMAJA Statistic Data post.

Have a nice summer :heart:


Interesting statistic (I was a heavy IBM SPSS user during my PhD dissertation). It would be interesting to show the sales cycle of a given face over time. In other words, a face may have 5000 syncs, but was that gathered in 3 months or because the face was for sale for 2 years? I had one face that was tremendously popular but it was also free. 5000+ syncs in 3 months. Then once I became Prem the watch continued to sell only picking up another 2000syncs over 18 months. It would be cool to figure out when they peak and ebb and ready for the “clearance rack”

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Hi John, actually I loved SPSS at my PhD Study too :wink: I figured already something (secret) out according to free watch faces:

8th day of a free watch face life decided about a success (more about this “TOMAJA’s Rule” one day in a separated article…)

I did not analysed my premium watch faces so deep so far. But you could make some statistic too - you do probably have much more data :wink: