[TOMAJA Statistic Data] Sorry no public data

ups, I am sorry. No public data.

Thanks for the info Tomas.

I tried to access that link of the P.D. list, got a error:
Access Denied
while trying to load /groups/Premium-Designers.json
Something went wrong.

My feeling is that there are some favored partners that Facer uses, to market their designs.And that the “design teams” will be favored over indie/hobby designers. Facer may prove me wrong though! (i hope).


Hi @andrewsinbox I am sorry, it was my mistake. I was thinking the data I’m working with are public - but they are not. Sorry for this. I already deleted it.

Why should they keep it out of public view? It’s good to know how active the designers are.

What is even more informative (from my point of view) are the weekly growing rates of followers and watch faces. This is definitely public and I do post it (more or less) regular here in the community forum :wink: e.g. here or here

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