[TOMAJA Statistic Data] TOP 10 Designers 2019 Prediction Ranking

Hello There,

due to my statistic data set from the past 109 days (since January 2018) I tried to predict the TOP 10 Designers of 2019. This forecast base on simple linear dependency of the followers growing rate. I did not include the prediction of fast growing designers, who are not in the Top 10 (January and May 2018) yet.

I will compare this date with the reality in 2019 :wink:

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Snif. No GAUSS?

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Hi @GAUSS… I do have long term data only for the “BIG 11” from January 2018… However in few months we will see who will be in the REAL TOP 10 of 2019 :wink:

At the moment the TOP 10-20 looks like this :wink:

11 Predator
12 TOMAJA Design
14 Analog Designer
15 BA Watch Faces
16 Pacingpoet
17 Polar Beer
18 Roch: Platinum Design
19 LetsDream

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Thanks for the information. I hope i will get in that Hall of fame in the future …