[TOMAJA Statistic Data] TOP 20* Followers Grow in the Last Week

Hello There,

here are designers**, who got the highest number of new followers in the last week (between July 13 and July 20, 2018).

** Due to the rounded numbers (1K+) of followers at the TOP 10 Designers I could not include those (Tactwo Tactical, GRR, Waldhoff, tr0n09, MVMT, G7, INMotion, SWF, GAUSS & wutronic) in this statistic data.

Here are all listed designers I’m tracking at the moment:

Tactwo Tactical, GRR, Waldhoff, tr0n09, MVMT, G7, INMotion, SWF, GAUSS, wutronic, TOMAJA Design, Timeless Watch Faces, Predator, Analog Designer, BA Watch Faces, Roch: Platinum Design, Polar Beer, Pacingpoet, LetsDream, Kamensek Timepieces, LAZARUS, JCBrotherss, Dalpek, Linlay, MAPL Design, Tiktok, John Morga, Snyper Watches, TJonathan, HaDe, RK Design, Mellin, anj, Stephanie Carls, Orakix, ADI’S DESIGN, Philippe, Q.F.L. Watch Faces

*This unofficial TOMAJA Statistic Data based on the total followers number of featured and premium designers at the Facer platform. Please enjoy this date very carefully. If you know somebody, who actually should be in the ranking, please write me a comment or a private massage and I will add this designer for the next TOMAJA Statistic Data post.


Thanks as always @Tomas, your work is greatly appreciated! Wow! It seems that my last few designs were quite well received :scream: Woohoo :smiley:


… thanks, good job again! :wink:


Thanks! :slight_smile: You too!!

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Thanks Tomas, I love seeing your stats…Helps me know who i can focus on learning from…although you have me quite busy right now with all youve given me to do hahaha

p.s. Love your tutorials and havent had time to look at the others that posted to my post…but will for sure in time. Thanks again Tomas for all you do for the community :slight_smile:


Very well received! @roycaruso great job my friend.
Also thank you again @Tomas as long as Im still growing I’m happy and you help me see that each time with your stats, truly appriciated!

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