[TOMAJA Statistic Data] Top Designers of the Last Two Weeks (April 2018)

Hello to everybody at your computer, laptop, mobile phone and at your smart watch!

after two weeks (April 6, 2018 to April 20, 2018) I would like to present here the next development of the top designers*. In the following 4 tables you could find your position according to your creativity (how many watch faces have been created in the last two weeks) and according to your followers in percentage and in the absolute numbers.

In this statistic following designers brand have been observed in the time between April 6, 2018 and April 20, 2018: Analog Design, BA Watch Faces, Dalpek, G7, GAUSS, GRR, INMotion, JCBrotherss, John Morga, Kamensek Timepieces, LAZARUS, LetsDream, Linlay, MAPL Design, MVMT, Pacingpoet, Polar Beer, Predator, RK Design, Roch: Platinum Design, Snyper Watches, SWF, Tactwo Tactical, Tiktok, Timeless Watch Faces, TOMAJA Design, tr0n09, Waldhoff, wutronic

I could not identify everybody, but here are some nicks (limited to 10) from the facer community forum: @dalpek, @e.derebey, @eradicator09, @GRR, @hayden, @jmorga106, @Linlay, @pacingpoet, @GAUSS, @roycaruso

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*I do not have access to any official statistic date from Facer, so I am just writing the published information down periodically and put it together. I do think, that the TOP 10 Designers (of original watch faces) are covered up to 95%. However, the another places could be changed and there are surly some trending designers I’m missing now. If you are such a creator, please write just a short comment or PM and I will be happy to give you on “my statistic radar”. Thank you :wink:


Always a good read. Dang G7 has been busy. I’ve been wanting to stay around 2 releases or more a week, but it’s been busy lately. I have around 6 designs that have been in draft for a few weeks that are simply time consuming trying to figure out the right expressions or calculations to get movements right.

That’s a good question @eradicator09 “how many designs” are ideal to add each week?

Very tough question. From a business standpoint is it hard to determine. The goal for a premium designer is to get more page views. So releasing as a collection or hopefully getting a feature is what drives traffic. Others like @GRR and yourself are really into the social media promotion in addition to Facer.io releases. So that drives traffic as well. I wonder if @Facer_Official has any opinion or data on which platform is driving more users back to the app. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I think Instagram seems to be the best contender, with Facebook next, and Twitter last.

…maybe there is somebody here, who tried both “extreme” approaches - to produce let say 10 to 20 watch faces a week and than to design just one a week (?)

Very informative and I’m very excited to have made these lists :slight_smile: I too have been super busy the last few weeks but have a number of drafts that are nearly ready to go :slight_smile:

Hey @Tomas,
I’m probably the guy going the other way. Though I admit I I have to put more time in on Instagram. I see a lot of you have hundreds of watch designs. I tend to trim off my garbage. If I had a great idea for a watch and it turns out I’m the only one who thought that (lol), it doesn’t last long my portfolio. I also like to republish older designs that were popular with some new features like the recent heart rate and the new complications before that.


Hi @jmorga106, are you deleting the “garbage” as you say :wink: since you are publishing watch faces? If not was there a difference according to overall syncs or at followers?

I am thinking about reducing my collection too. However, if I imagine to delete a “looser watch face”, I spend hours (or days) to produce it… It’s a kind of bed feeling, because maybe one day someone will download it and will enjoy it…

Hey @Tomas,
The trimmed faces are those that were not popular. If I spent time on a design and after 6 months only picked up 10 syncs total, then I would think about dropping the design. So I’m trying to keep my most popular designs in my portfolio; designs that the public (not me) thought were good. I’ve had designs I spent 25+ hours on that just never sync’d once published so I trim those. Do I feel bad cutting them? Yes because of the time I put in. But the stock trader in me thinks differently. The “dead dogs” have to go. I cut my losses and move on.

If this were a department store, these would be on the clearance rack and then discarded next season.


Hi John,

you are right. I will delete some of my “loser designs” too.

Do you know, what happen in the case you delete a watch face from a collection? Will this collection stops to rotate?


Hmm not sure! Good question. @Facer_Official?


@Tomas as always excellent work!

I think that in this there is no magic recipe, each one has its style and way of working … In my particular case I like to project the same designs in series during a month of work … No face is bad I think because each one I dedicate a lot of work to each one, in my experience there are faces that due to different circumstances did not work in their launching but over time they gained downloads and started to like … That’s why I think that everyone has to define their way of working. … For example, @eradicator09 and @Tomas calculate that working an animation should cost them as much as it does to achieve the realism of my faces … There is a market for everything and I think it is well distributed, many of us alternate many of our designs in the Top 50 posts! And that is too much already! I think that being in the top positions is not due to a unique or great design, but hard work for a long time, users begin to recognize it with time given that it is very likely that they have already bought some and want more … I think a lot of the new designers hope to get to the top 10 every week and that’s very hard to achieve, sometimes throwing many designs the same week can make one or two work but the rest do not … or maybe if ! everything will depend on variables of that week … But there is something clear … the work of good quality is always well recognized and that turns into downloads! So my advice is that within the possibilities that each one have, they produce quality faces, since not only will they progress individually but they will also make the rest even better as they will have to improve their faces to be able to compete!

Let’s grow this community with quality products!


Thanks for the statistics @Tomas
Being a premium, it’s a goal for me and I’ve worked hard for it.
Although I have passed the rules of being a premium designer right now, my enthusiasm still a bit broken by the fact that this is not given to me … I think that the awarding of good works should not be delayed …

Indeed! -cheers-

Thanks for putting this snapshot together, @Tomas.

Leaderboards would be great for motivating user engagement. I’ve seen similar community dynamics on Facer, Scratch, and Trinket. Food for thought? @Facer_Official


I think that’s a great idea (20 most downloaded creators of the week page maybe?)

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