[TOMAJA Statistic Data - UPDATE] TOP 10 Designers (January - June 2018) & Highest Followers Growing Rate in the Last Month

Hello There,

UPDATE [Comparison TOP 10 from January 2018 and June 2018]. Let’ have a look into the unofficial actual TOP 10 of (Premium) Designers first.

As you see, there are no exact public data available for the designers, who already have more than 1000 followers. Therefore, it is also very hard to guess, how high is the followers growing rate of those.

However, here is a precious diagram of the relative followers growing rates (designers with more than 10%) according to the last month*.

*Designer pool I do track (followers & total watch faces number): GAUSS, Timeless Watch Faces, TOMAJA Design, Predator, Analog Designer, BA Watch Faces, Polar Beer, Pacingpoet, Roch: Platinum Design, LetsDream, LAZARUS, Dalpek, Linlay, Kamensek Timepieces, MAPL Design, Snyper Watches, JCBrotherss, John Morga, RK Design, Tiktok, Stephanie Carls, Orakix, TJonathan, Mellin. Excluded TOP 9 Designers with only approximated followers number: Tactwo Tactical, Waldhoff, GRR, tr0n09, MVMT, INMotion, SWF, G7, wutronic

**time between May 26, 2018 and June 23, 2018

I you know some another designers I should tract or you wish to be at my unofficial designer list please just let me know in comments or write my a private message :wink: thanks


Great stats as always, please do keep this up! :slight_smile: Those top 4 in the graph have had HUGE climbs!


yes first four are a real jumpers! @syntaxracing has now almost double amount of followers in only one month. Here are the absolute numbers of all four.


Hey thank you for the data! It’s nice to see the progress. I’ve tracked been tracking my syncs but not my followers. Thank you to all thoes followed that enjoy my work! I hope I can continue to make great faces you all love.

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Great job as always!
A detail you should change the position 2 and 3 I am second … Great detail hahahaha!


Clearly by the graph I’m coming for you @GRR!!
Haha jk, I’m still just an baby designer. It’s easier to have that steep of a climb on a percentage scale when your numbers are small. But seriously, I’m coming for you :wink::wink: haha

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Hahahaha! You are very good and I have no doubt that in a short time you will be top! I just like you set a goal to reach tactwo but I think it will cost me a little! LOL!

Well I say I’m coming for you because I believe you can beat him! I believe!

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Thanks for the correction and sorry for that, 1600 is clearly more than 1500 :wink: I did already updated it