[TOMAJA Statistic Data] What Happened After Summer?

Hello to everybody!

This time I do present only new followers, gained in the time between Sep 7, 2018 and today (Oct 10,2018). So, this is TOP 10* after Summer 2018.

*Here are all listed designers I’m tracking now (Oct 10, 2018):

(Number shows the total new followers number gained in the last 5 weeks after summer)

321 DT Designs
192 GRR
160 TOMAJA Design
146 Tactwo Tactical
121 G7
117 Waldhoff
93 tr0n09
86 HaDe

77 Kamensek Timepieces
60 INMotion
53 Roch: Platinum Design
52 SWF
48 Predator
48 BA Watch Faces
47 TJonathan
44 John Morga
43 LetsDream

42 wutronic
42 Timeless Watch Faces
35 Cth42
34 Analog Designer
34 Linlay
31 Pacingpoet
28 Orakix
26 Stephanie Carls
25 MAPL Design
21 JCBrotherss

17 Polar Beer
16 Dalpek
13 Tiktok
12 Philippe
11 Snyper Watches
10 Q.F.L. Watch Faces
10 tobyni
7 Mellin

7 anj‍
3 RK Design

*Disclaimer: This unofficial TOMAJA Statistic Data based on the total followers number of featured and premium designers at the Facer platform, as well on the subjective selected designers. Please enjoy this date carefully. If you know somebody, who actually should be in the ranking, please just write a comment or a private massage and I will add this designer for the next TOMAJA Statistic Data post. Thank you :heart:.


Hi @Tomas, please add me to the next statistics. I’m often featured and I gained 37 new followers just in the last 10 days (I dont keep track, but my 200 followers celebration watch was launched oct3). Thanks!

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Hi @carlosfilippa thanks for comment and data… I will re-contract the Oct 5, 2018 as well… let say with app. 205 followers… could you tell me how many watch faces did you have one week ago? (I do track the followers number and watch faces)… Sorry, that I did not add you before…

88 last week, 98 faces now. Thanks for count me in!

thanks :wink: 10 faces a week… wow, you are the most productive guy in the last week… the second one is @cth4242 with 5 watch faces… @petr.patocka is on the third place with 4 new watch faces…


Great work @Tomas, as always! (I appear with my old name DT Designs)

Well, I’m still learning and most of that faces was studies of new tools and color schemes of the same face (I’m waiting @Facer_Official review my premium designer application to have themeable watches). And I have a lot of fun doing it, so…


Thanks, @Tomas!


Wish you good luck, you deserve it to join the premium troops.


Hi, sorry, I corrected it already (for the next session)…

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Well I’m really new here. I’ve been designing faces and having fun since 23 days ago. I just have 14 watches published and 5 in the pipeline. I hope one day I could be taken into account for that list. At the moment I cannot complain about nothing. 8 faces featured, 2 in top 10 and 6 in top 50. 1 face over 3k syncs and another one almost there, 2 or 3 with 1k So I will try to do my best because I do like designing watchfaces, meeting awesome designers and improving my English.


Hi @riczurdo, you are in :wink: thanks for comment. 23 years… I do not think someone have longer experiences here at facer… May I ask you, what is your opinion, what are 3 most important components in a successful watch (face)?


Lol @Tomas no haha I didn’t say 23 years, I said 23 days ago, since I joint on facer app and community. However, for me the 3 essential factors are clarity, usability, and eye friendly. Most of the watchfaces are amazing on the web/app previews but then on the watch things changes. So I want to find out the way to reach both things.


:slight_smile: ou… I need to improve in reading :wink: thanks for your point…

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Thanks for the data/info!

I haven’t had any watches featured lately or on the Top 100 list so I was wondering how I was doing :smiley:

Good luck @carlosfilippa you’re definitely deserving!


Awesome info and presentation @Tomas ! @carlosfilippa I’m sure you will be getting premium any day. Don’t know where you get the time and ideas for all your awesome faces haha. I am going back to school now so haven’t been making many faces unfortunately. :frowning2:


Thanks @GAUSS, @cth4242 and @Orion, believe it or not, I have some serius free time at work! (don’t tell anybody) I work on a TV station and after a couple hours of computer work I just have to check out that everything runs smoothly. That gives me time in my laptop for a little creator fun…


Thanks for the data / info!
I applied to become a premium designer. I hope it’s accepted.


Thanks @Tomas for putting these stats together, and thanks everybody for contributing all these amazing faces!