[TOMAJA Tutorial] Animated Battery Power Level Icon Indicator - Simple Basic Linear and Rotating Effects with Objects and Hand Dials

A nice idea but i can tell i don‘t have that much time left to run such a service - beside of creating watch faces, writing instructions, develop banner … i do have a life beside facer… I run a whole family and do have a job :wink:

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I totally understand, I’m in the same boat.
To be honest I was hinting more towards the staff but realistically it probably won’t happen.


actually you are very much mistaken , im happy to put in the effort, however when i sit their for a month( that a lot of effort) not being able to create something even after reading various tutorials not only on here but various other places and im still no closer to achieving what i want then i am bound to become frustrated.
Yet you feel like you know me and know what i want , what a big man.You carry on sat behind your keyboard criticising people

thank you , finally something that makes sense, exactly what i needed to read , broken down clear and concise, thank you so much

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Well, okay. Then i apologize myself for my words. For sure i don´t know you. We all had to put in a lot of effort to learn about all that tags and formulae - and it is not a well paved track. And i am far away from perfection either - my math Knowledge isn´t the best.


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I appreciate all the time everyone has taken to explain things, and thank you for the apology , my words were bore out of frustration at not being able to complete what some deemed to be an easy task , for that i also apologise


I have recently noticed that the tag #BLN# ceases to return an integer ( it returns the text string “–” ) when it falls below 1 and this seems to make numerical expressions become undefined and so return 0 in the rotation or transparency fields.

When looking at watch faces on the FACER web site, the battery hands do seem rotate to point straight up when the battery level drops below 1 ( including on my watch faces). That is, if the design of the watch is such that the battery hand should point anywhere but straight up when the battery level drops below one, then this might be a problem.

I don’t know if it is a real problem when the faces are on actual watches however, as I have not had a chance to look at my watch as the battery runs down to zero; I suppose in any case it would be a very short lived problem :slight_smile:

Anyway, that is a long introduction to the question, which is, can anyone think of a way of overcoming this issue? I have tried using conditional statements but these also seem to fail when #BLN# falls below 1.

Maybe there is a way to test to see if #BLN# == “–” but I don’t know how to test for a string; especially one that is a reserved operator. Is this possible do you know?

It’s certainly an interesting problem and as you say it would be short-lived, if the watch battery hits 0 then I imagine it wouldn’t be able to power the screen!!

Perhaps the design of that tag/function doesn’t return a 0 (zero)??
I know some others don’t like:

#Dh# - Hour in Day (1-12)
#Dk# - Hour in Day (1-24)

But I’m clutching at straws here, I don’t really know the answer I’m afraid

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, I’m not sure it is a real problem. The #BLN# tag does seem to round up ( at least it does somewhere over 99 to return 100 ) so hopefully it only returns “–” for very low battery levels ( ie. << 1 ). If I get a chance over the weekend I’ll let my watch run right down and try to see what happens as the battery fully drains. Hopefully the screen dies before the #BLN# tag stops returning an integer :smile:

I do find it strange that a tag that the documentation says returns an integer, sometimes returns a text string instead; I guess the software guys had their reasons …

I believe at zero it is returning a value of ‘null’. That appears to zero out the expression as a whole. Certainly makes it annoying to test, but in real life the watch would be powering off by that point. In a few of my faces, I have created a separate element just for this zero point as a backup. However, I wonder if there was any use case for it.

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Thanks for that.

Yes I hope the watches are turning off around the time the tag stops returning an integer. I will try to check that this coming weekend.

As for returning null, I had assumed ( quite likely incorrectly ) that #BLN# is returning a text string when less than one because that is what is displayed if one puts the tag in a text field; that is, the character string “–” is displayed.

Oh well, I suppose even if the hand does jump off the scale to point up, at least it will be for only a little while at worst. Of course, one fix is to only design faces with battery hands that have a scale with 0% at the top :slight_smile:

Ok, so it is not a problem ( at least not on my Samsung Galaxy Watch )! I managed to be looking at my watch at the exact instant that the battery level indicator went below 1 and the watch immediately turned off. I guess that means that the #BLN# tag rounds up for every reading; so a reading of “1%” means “between 0 and 1%”. Assuming of course that all watches behave the same, I won’t worry about this anymore :slight_smile:

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Ok, so I finally got a L/R 180 degree Gauge to work (not sure how lol), but when Battery Percent reaches 0, the Pointer/Hand jumps to 50% :thinking: Any ideas how to fix this please?
I’m using this Formula/Tag - (-90+((#BLN#/100)*180))

Turn the arrow in the arrow file towards 0 instead of vertical

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lucky.andrei, you’re a wizard lol
Had to change the Tag, but it works exactly as it should now
Thank you once again for coming to my rescue
I’m learning all the time on here thank you, this is a great Community,
and I am taking notes.:+1:

You’re welcome! :grinning:

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It’s a bug in creator I think, it does not show #BLN#=0 but it shows it as blank.
You’ll never see it on a watch, it will be powered off by then.

I just need some decent images of Dials/Gauges now, without Needles/Hands, and I’ll be ready to create a proper Face lol
I’ve all sorts of notes and images saved up now…thank you so much everyone :grinning::+1:

What does this have to do with the bug? Turn the arrow in the file towards zero and the indicator will show 0 at least in the creator.

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just saying, it doesnt matter on the watch