[TOMAJA Tutorial] How to Fix a Broken Second Hand

Well, it could happen to everybody. Second hands are usually really tiny parts of a watch. However, don’t be sad, there is a way how to fix it and show the correct seconds anyway;)

At the beginning we do have at least two pieces of a second hand:

Much better (and easier) is starting with 4 pieces:

Here are the spaces where to use the correct parts:

Base Element

This is very simple, running all the time - no problem.

Rotation: (#DWFSS#+25)

I am using “25” degree correction to reach the 60 second on the top like this:

Right & Left Element

Rotation is the same as at the base part:

Rotation: (#DWFSS#+25)

However, this elements are visible only in selected time, according to:

Left Transparency: $#DWFSS#<20||#DWFSS#>205?70:0$

Right Transparency: $#DWFSS#>22&&#DWFSS#<110?70:0$

Solo A - Switch from the Left to Right - Tipping of the Broken Part

Here is the most creative part of this tutorial - and again very simple. The broken second part has 2 seconds time to fall down and looks realistic - it means let’s start slowly and increase the (falling) speed with the time. In this tutorial I will not mention the @Mellin 's famous explanation of cosine function :wink: and I am just writing here the expressions for realistic Rotation & Transparency:

Rotation: (0+(((-cos(#DWFSS#-20))+1)*47))

Transparency: $#DWFSS#>=20&&#DWFSS#<=22?100:0$

Please, do not forget the circular movement of this element at well. The speed is the same as the Base Element rotation at the end of the (broken) hand:

X: (((sin(((#DWFSS#+25)/180)* pi))* 62)+160)

Y: (((-cos(((#DWFSS#+25)/180)* pi))* 62)+160)

Solo B - Hanging Element

I the last step the Solo broken part (another duplicated element) does not rotate, it is only showing down:

Rotation: 180

The movement (from right to left) must be again synchronized with the Base Element.

X: (((sin(((#DWFSS#+25)/180)* pi))* 62)+160)

Y: (((-cos(((#DWFSS#+25)/180)* pi))* 62)+160)

Done :wink:

Please have a look also on the non-linear scale (real seconds) of broken second hand in the background, I think it is kind of very interesting.

Here is the described watch face in original:


wow!! that is super cool. We will definitely be featuring this, great job.

Hello Lukasz! Thanks a lot… I am just still playing around :wink: I had only one issue regarding this watch face, I was looking for a category like “second hand watch faces”, “broken watch faces” or similar and there is nothing like this right now…

sick! :slight_smile: