[TOMAJA Watch Face] Move it

In this experimental watch face I just tried to combine gear mechanics with a digital display… and this is what comes out :wink:

Do you :heart: it?


Very nice! I like!

Wow that’s cool! (and makes me dizzy lol)


agreed. I might slow down the movement a bit.

Left, right, left, right, lefri, leri, leri, leri… aaaahh.


Hi @jmorga106, @eradicator09, @GAUSS thanks for comments… it’s really a bit ding dong ding dong crazy hhh

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I like the effect. I think it would still be a good face if it didn’t move. Just have it centered in the space with the gears rotating behind it on the 2 outer edges. Nice work again :thumbsup:

@tomas, oh man… I just realized this is like my Starry Nights face! how about if you lean the watch left, it slides left with the accelerometerRaw() and if you lean the watch right, it slides right?


…well that could be much better :wink: