[TOMAJA Watch Face] One Fresh for Summer :)

Hello There,

here is one for refreshing yourself :wink:

Enjoy it!



Very nice!!

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Cool concept! I like it :sunglasses:

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Love love love this…are you going to do it in different colors besides the pink and blue by chance ?

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…which color (combination) would you prefer?

Awesome! Great work. Very sleek!

Thanks! I hope you are already working on your first premium watch face :wink:

Trying to find the time :slight_smile: I have some plans up my sleeves :slight_smile:

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…I’m on vacation at the moment sorry about the delayed responce …OK I take that back. …colors you choose was perfect nice watery cool color…I was thinking red but that would totally miss the concept…lol my brain is in total vacation mode

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