[TOMAJA Watch Face] TD | Earth Master Watch

Hi there,

here is a new design (line) I prepared today. Summer refreshing :wink:

Do you :heart: it?


Now that’s pretty slick @Tomas, I’m diggin’ it!

Looks awesome!

the bottom of your promo images say Facer.OI

Nice Tomas… great design… :slight_smile:
little suggestion if possible, the earth round from left to right and the date above on the center point of the needle weekly for a bit easier to see. :slight_smile:

Love this…I soo want to be able to make faces with color options…I’m all about the colors
Hmmmm wonder if we can make one that changes holidays where the world is…lol just a thought

Thanks a lot @jmorga106, @Ben, @selia67,

I already implemented

  • Earth turns right direction*

  • Facer OI is Facer IO now (in the app or web)

  • Week days are easier to read

  • Second hands is under the minute hand :wink:



*actually there could be a video, where Earth appears to turn in opposite direction - if somebody is flying high speed around in the same direction… :innocent: