Too long descriptions


I came across a problem with my Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more page:
Desriptions for my watchfaces are so long that it breaks them on that site - it puts buttons (like edit and more) behind the text of previous watchface and I cannot click on them.

Right now I’m trying to update one of my watchfaces but I cannot test new functions on a copied version of it, becouse I cannot access the more button and copy it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

same issue for me as well

Thanks for the report, guys! We’re going to look into this and scheduled a fix.

One more thing:
For some reson description doesn’t show Enters (new lines).
But I know it remembers them, because each time I edit and then update a watchface I can see them in there (edit mode) but not later in the actual description.

Hey Mellin,
This isn’t the greatest of help, but go to your watch designs in Creator, hold your CTRL key down, and spin your mouse wheel to zoom your browser out as far as possible. As the watches get smaller and smaller, they’ll start lining up side-by-side instead of up and down. Then the ones at the bottom you’ll be able to access the More button. If you have lots of watchfaces then you’ll only be able to hit the More button on the bottom row of watches if there’s multiple rows.

This is silly, but if you have a big HDMI television and hook it up to your desktop as Monitor #2. If that works out to a big resolution (2560 pixels wide), then you can really get a wide side-by-side display of your watches (maybe even all of them) and access all of the More buttons.

Lastly and most drastic, You can re-publish the other watches except the one you want to copy. Newly updated watches float to the top of your listing and the one you want to copy will keep working its way down in the list until it is the bottom watchface - then you can click the More button.

LOL crazy - but works.


It will help me a lot.
I have 3 side-by-side working screens 1080p each, so no problem with resolution.

hah 3 monitors! awesome.