Top 100 rules and formula problems. How to loose half of traffic with good watchface :(

First of all sorry for my bad english it is not my first language. About my problem, i don’t know how it possible to happend, but my watchface out of top 100 per few hours from position 7 to more than 100, seems this rating calculating wrong. Watchface have about 1500 syncs per last 10 days. Watchface has close to 150 sync per day few last days and it gros. I talk about MC Xtime. I undestand that new watchfaces arrived and featured page changing to fast, but at this time seems top list recalculated too.I suppose when my watchface out form featured new one get syncs, but my watchface do not get so much than before than top recalcuate used current data without previous days, and result of that moment my watchface out of list. I see same watchface that was near my in top 100, but this watchface still in featuered, than give me logic of my suggestions. This do not give chance to take positions for nice watchfaces that has good traffic before. As result, watchface out from featured, and out from top 100 totaly. Now watchface can have only my own traffic from social networks or else. Thats looks like manipulation, and it totaly demotivate

Perhaps it was just a temporary thing…

When I “explore” the luxury category, your MC Xtime shows up at the top of the list and under “All” it is at number 16.

As for the top 100, I understand that only watches that have been published in the last month are shown in the top 100; I guess this is give newer designs a chance to be seen. If your watch was published more than a month ago then this might be why it is not shown in the top 100.

Seems it was as you said, this watch was published more than month ago. Here to much but… What i mean, face was not moderated and do not go to new hot list or other on featured page when it was released and more than 2 two weeks from publish day. Than, somebody from facer team push it to analog collection, that was 20 days after watchface was released, and it start to grow because got as minimal promo. Traffic of this watchface show good tendention and it takes 10 days, than as you said we out because 30 days left. I think this system totaly not fair and do not give any chanes. If new watchface come to new hot or collections from start it have much more chance to have good traffic. For give chances, i think, system must take last week summary traffic, as minimum, if newbe come and get to collections their traffic will good, they are will have much chance to get to top 100, because on last week frame it will be seen and it will fair, otherwise 30 days left and you loose all, why i need to try more i do not understand. Facer do not give a chance have good traffic and all what they want that i give them my traffic, why i need to do it, thats second question, because they are publisher and thay are earn on my free content.

Critics it is nothing if not propose what to do for make better.
My propositions:
1.Make top charts with time frames, for example top of week, top of month, and top all time.
2.For make moderation fair and fast best way to add tab under judgement, as it done in newgrounds site

Example of bad moderation, i think will have same result second time with Titan Spinner watchface… Watchface just killed by bad top 100 formula and morerators ignoring first 20 days … :frowning: About Xtime, after it out of top 100, watchface loose half of traffic … 24.04 will out TitanSpinner, and what we have just 5 day to chance have good traffic than will half and this watchface loose chance to get 5k+ sync per month at all.


I agree that the lists are not logical… In my opinion a “Top 100” should list the 100 most synced faces…

However, Facer needs a list that get them most profit so yehh it’s a funny list…

Funny but funny for every user not only you… if you want a lot of traffic you have to make a better face then anybody else… it’s that simple… I know i’m not a nice guy but your designs are good but not great or getting the attention for being really original. So yehhh there will be a lot of other faces popping up around yours, just like all others designers have to deal with.

If you will be on top make a face that stand out, in all ways… good looking, easy to read, other then the 99 in the top 100 please… stop complaining like it’s the whole world against you…

I make replica’s I have around 16.000 sync’s and a few followers and not often show up in the top 100… Facer is not an competition, but a platform to make things others like or not like… Facer is the dictator and make the rules who can and who can not get some extra attention… if that’s not you bad luck… focus on making a top design then you might will get your precious top 1 place…