Top free Watch face issue

“My bobble and gears” watch face was number one one the top free watch face a couple hour ago and now it’s vanish. I don’t find them, event on the end of the top 100.
Is it normal ?
It’s tuesday and I don’t think you reset the counter in the middle of the week, don’t you ?
Thanks for reading m’y topic and sorry for my english.

Please some manager or some technical people could read this topic and tell me an answer to that ???

I’m not sure the exact days they update but I think sometimes it is during the week like that which could be why it vanished is that the list was updated and it was no longer number 1.

@kris171182 @Orion that is correct, the charts are reset once a week on Sunday night pacific time. The charts may be in flux immediately after and stabilize throughout the week. The way the charts work is going to change soon so it provides a more stable view of the popularity of faces and designers. Stay tuned!