Trademark infringement

What’s the deal if I just want to slap a picture of Deadpool on the face?

If you want to use it just you, theres no problem. If you publish the face and go live you should use only images with free license or atribution. If you use a copyrighted image, the face can be take down any time without no previous or further advice.


That’s what I figured just double-checking. By the way how do you find out if it does have a copyright or trademark? I noticed there were a few up already. Thanks

I made a Deadpool face as well in the past, just as fan-art. If they want me to take it down, i will do so immediatly. But mostly the don‘t say anything unless you earn money with it.

Another problem is trademark infringement with famous swiss watch manufacturer like Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex…

They got aware of all the clones and are on the hunt.

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I also made a “fan-art” version of BumbleBee from transformers, just remember fan-art is not a copy & paste, the art is your interpretation of the original artwork and rendered by “you” the artist. It is not an exact match and is different. You should also state the fact is it “fan-art” and mention the original artist or website. Understand this is still a fine line for copyright infringement and we may be asked to take it down.

Trademark infringement is defiantly frowned upon as @GAUSS outlined. Be creative and create your own artwork and pave your own path!


Thanks for your help

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