Transferring new watch face from comp to warch

Hi guys,

just subscribed to facer premium and when i send watch face to watch I can’t find it.

what am I doing wrong.

my watch is a Citizen P990


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Welcome to the Community. Make sure you have the Facer Companion App installed on both Phone and Watch, set Facer as your Active Face on your Watch, then sync whatever Faces you want from the App to your Watch.

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really struggling here.
facer downloaded on phone an d watch can’t get it to work

Hello and Welcome to the Community!
Take a look at this information:

If none of that works, contact Facer Support so they can walk you through the process.
From the page below you can send a support request based on your specific problem. It takes a bit of scrolling, but eventually you will see it.

If you are using the computer, sometimes it takes a few attempts (as many as 4 or 5) and it takes a minute it or so until all components sync. The phone seems to work more quickly for me when it comes to syncing faces.


All I know is that on my Galaxy Watch I have to tap and hold the screen to be able to then swipe left to the Facer Face, than anything I want syncs no problems

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