Transparency on minutes 1 to 9

Hi I am trying to make a binary style watch and have the hours and 10’s of minutes working fine. How would I get a layer to appear on every 1st minute for example minute 1,11,21,31,41,51?

A friend helped me with my binary faces by coming up with an equation that uses an inequality to tell the button when to appear. $(#Dm#%2)>0?100:0$ I’ll break it down for you. % is the Modulo operator (I had no idea what this was), which deals with the remainder of an equation. For instance, if you divide (5/2), you get a remainder. This equation says that if the result is larger than one less than our target number, make the button appear.
$(#minute or hour code#%)>one less than target digit?100:0$

So for your question, the code would be $(#Dm#%2)>0?100:0$, and that will make the digit for the 1 place light up for every odd number. For the 2 place it would be $(#Dm#%4)>1?100:0$, for 4 use $(#Dm#%8)>3?100:0$, and so on.

This has helped me clean up the amount of elements in my faces by quite a lot. I hope it helps you, or anyone else looking to make a binary face.

I have inspection enabled on this one for anyone that needs to see more.

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