Triangle rotation

I’m trying to get a triangle shape to move around the edge of the watchface to indicate the seconds.

I’ve got it moving around fine but I now want to make the point of the triangle always face the edge of the watch.

I think I need to rotate it by 6 degrees clockwise for every second (360/60) but how to do this escapes me.

Also the rotation needs to be 180 when seconds = 00 else the point will be the wrong way around…


I think i know what you’re trying to do, this should be a simple fix. If you crop the image as indicated by the selection, and delete the background (the black area) then save it as a PNG, you can then apply your rotational codes to it.

to get it to be the opposite of the seconds hand, just do the same thing but put the triangle on the bottom of the image before you crop it.

You can just add #DWFSS# to the rotation box. That way the top point will always point out.

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Ah OK, so use that as a second hand instead of using the triangle shape?

I am using #DWFSS# but that makes the shape rotate around the watch without rotating the shape itself (if you see what o mean…

I’m currently using a Triangle that points inwards. I made one easily enough with Transparent background using Paint 3D, using a Canvas 720X720 and positioning the Triangle in the center, almost at the top. (I made it White so it’s easy to add colours in the Creator).
This TAG then has it ticking Seconds #DWFS#
This TAG has it rotating Seconds #DWFSS#
And here’s the image I’m using and the Face too (Inspection Mode is on) -

:arrow_left: It’s there

Here’s what I mentioned

Inspection is enabled. I’ll leave it up for a few days. The number 100 in 100/160 can be changed on both the X & Y axes to move it in or out from the edge. Keep the same number in both X&Y.

Yes. But just put the triangle on the bottom and treat it as a second hand and it should do what you want.

Thanks all, lots of things to try! I’ll post mine up when I get it working (and work out how to share them! :joy:)

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To share links you’ll see on the examples above that there are 5 Grey Icons to the left of the displayed Watch: the bottom one will pull up a link you can copy and paste :slightly_smiling_face:


Here we go, still messing about with the colours and found the always on display killed my battery so don’t use it!..:

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Nice start staffsmatt. In creator, if you click on the little space rocket icon on the right you’ll see other options you can play around with ok, like rotation and background opacity.

There ya go, nice!

I did something similar with a Arrow tipped second hand and a black circle shape over the top to hind the rest of the second hand.

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Welcome to the Community Shawn, that’s a nice Face you’ve created there :+1:

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