Tribute to old fashioned DVD

Here you have my new face simulating the movement of DVD sign on the standby screen.
Brings back so many memories…
…When it will hit the corner?!

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Haha! that’s pretty slick Mellin. Now that you have the math down, looks like it’s time for the game PONG!


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Unfortunately, @TIKTOK and @CompuChip have already created pong faces and I don’t want to overlap on them.

ahh gotcha.



Can you give a run down on the positioning expression?


absolute value ((( Second in minute plus milliseconds + 2) - (6 * (floor( Second in minute plus milliseconds + 2)/6))) - 3))*257)+61)

What do the 257 and 61 represent? min and max extents?

Ok, the same thing applies to x and y:
y is the time in seconds that sign supposed to move from one side to the other (one way)
x is the startng position
z is how much within that x time is that element supposed to move.

Thanks for the help. Do mind me using the action for a paid face? I forgot to ask @jmorga106 the same after utilizing his calculations from the crazy boat.

Not at all.
All my faces have the inspection mode turned on for a reason.

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