Triple Tap and FACER SYNC WATCH FACE not working correctly with SAMSUNG Frontier S3

Following recent software updates, triple tap became available on my Samsung S3, originally I was able to add up to 4 faces. There was no documentation to explain new feature but it was intuitive, having updated to the latest software (3.1.4_1591-(1591)) I can only add two faces? When triple tapping I’m presented with the two watch faces that I’ve managed to install and if they are themeable the paintbrush is available the other option is the “Facer Sync Your First Watch Face”. Adding a new face once I have two already installed will simply overwrite one of the existing faces resulting in two installed faces. Also the order that the faces appear in the list changes i.e., facer sync , watch face A, watch face B and sometimes its watch face A, facer sync, watch face B. Tried various input methods like syncing when facer sync is small with arrows left and right or just left and sync when facer sync is full screen but result is the same. Some documentation or clue to how many faces can be installed at the same time would be good. Thanks

Hi there! This section is intended to show the 10 most recently synced faces. Are you saying that you’re only ever seeing two and that syncing a third just overwrites one of the two?

yes, that’s correct on the watch I can only get two faces, prior to recent software update I managed to get three faces. Thought maybe I had a memory problem on watch so deleted some apps and made more space, problem persists.

2 or 3 faces is a bug, you should definitely see the last 10. I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf and we’ll have our team investigate this with you! Thanks for your patience!