Triple tap issue for Galaxy watch

I have serious issue with facer app in galaxy watch as the triple tap is not working at all. And may be by luck after 10-15 trials and repeated pressing on the watch face, I can access the facer watch face and be able to rotate it and choose any WF avilable.
Pls try to fix this issue as it is really annoying me while I’m using the watch.
Note: I’m using the latest software for samsung galaxy watch and facer companion.

Mmm, strange - I have the Galaxy Watch and the triple tap always works for me.

Forgive the stupid question ( but along the same lines as a help desk starting off with the question “have you plugged it in” :slight_smile: ), are you ensuring that the watch is in active mode before you press the screen 3 times? I don’t know about other watches but on the Samsung Galaxy Watch the triple tap does not work in “dim mode”, only in “active mode”.

Hi Dear
Thanks for ur comment, but surely I’m pressing on the watch while it is in the active mode.
I would like to share video about this issue.
Yesterday, I was able to access to the watchfaces after many tries and hard pressing on the watch.

Yes a video would help.

As for …

I’m not entirely sure what you are saying here …

Do you mean that the watch definitely was in active mode or that you assume that it was?

The reason I ask is that my watch is mostly in dim mode and I either have to press the “top side button” on the watch to wake it up or move it around until it wakes itself up. In particular, just pressing on the face of the watch does not wake it up, so pressing on it three times has no effect.