Trouble In Pixel Watch Land? The Tech Natives Seem Restless

We waited years for a Pixel Watch, not another last-gen Galaxy Watch ~Android Central

Android Central has published a new story about the Pixel Watch Announcement.
This was the hottest Pixel announcement from Google I/O 2022

It looks like the “Google Fan Boys” are happy about the Pixel Watch.

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Maybe it will sell if the price will be right?

All that talk about new chips and hardware may not be important to end users.

Few months ago I switched from Samsung S10 phone to S21.
S21 has more of everything but I really, truly don’t see any difference. They are the same to me.

It’s like having a car with 200 HP or 500 HP, I just don’t know how to use the extra power, it’s the same for everyday use.

I would be much happier with better battery than with stronger chip and more RAM.


My sentiment exactly. I do not expect the watch playing videos or games, so the chip may not be a problem here. The wear OS is. I always felt like it was not finished or not optimized properly, forums were always full about updates and bugs everywhere (that is only feeling, I did not make notes to count the cases). I do not plan any new tasks for my smartwatch, other than it already managed to do 5 years ago (measure steps, heart rate, notify me, take calls).


@petruuccios @masterboyhr
I’m with both of you on this. I don’t need all the extra processing power because all I do is tell time, weather, steps, take phone calls occasionally and receive notices. More RAM over a faster chip and a larger battery and/or better battery life is what I look for.