Trouble with weather icon and current temp TAGs

I’ve been trying all morning to get the “indicator lights” in my most recent watchface to properly show the temperature (broken into 3 temperature ranges) and if it’s precipitating (snow, rain, etc.) but have had no luck at all getting the latter to work in the editor and the former does not appear to work on my Moto 360 Gen 1. Any help would be much appreciated; Most recent draft linked above. -IdriveaTARDIS

Awesome design @idriveatardis167!

On your temperature indicators, I noticed you were using $55>=#WCT#<=85?90:15$ - this syntax likely will not work, I think you might want to try using the && operand to compare the value against 2 different numbers:

Thanks for the help @Gavin! This seemed to get the temperature indicators working on my Moto 360, although it’s still having some display issues (shows more than one at a time), but this could be a problem with the watch or it’s weather service. The precipitation indicators seemed to benefit from your suggestion too, as they no longer hold at 100% transparency in the editor even when they shouldn’t be, but this is difficult to test without “weather controls” in the editor.

I believe the #WCCI# tag is actually a string, and can’t be used with the > or < operation comparisons - you could try using something like == "03" (Haven’t tested this directly). Note that we currently support only up to 3 comparisons in a given function (e.g. #WCCI#=="03"||#WCCI#=="04"||#WCCI#=="05")

Also, if you use the time machine at the bottom (play/fast forward/super fast), the values of the weather will change over time so you can see how it reacts to various conditions!

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Hi Gavin, what about user that chooses Celcius? Is there any way to compare temperature ranges in both units to animate transparency, for example?

Hi! I have the same trouble. I need to compare temperatures, so this way I use 2 elements and 2 expressions

$#WM#=F&&#WCT#>68?100:0$ ( If Fahreinheit, compares if the tag of current temperature is above 68ºF and make the element 100% transparency)

$#WM#=C&&#WCT#>20?100:0$ ( If Celcius, compares if the tag of current temperatue is above 20ºC and make the element 100% transparency)