Troubles with retaining format sync help

I am having issues with glow and format when I sync my designs on my watch. Would anyone be kind enough to test on theirs and send an image?

Just loaded it on my Gear S3 and I don’t see the glow.
Hope that helps.

Do you see no glow at all? Or does it come out like blocks?
If you would be so kind and had the time, could you take a picture?

Thank you so much! When I get a chance I can send you what it looks like on mine. Yours looks presentable, albeit strangely missing glow, but mine is really distorted. I have a different watch though, it’s a Fossil Q Marshal Generation 2.

Just to be clear…I have no idea how to help you.:grin: I saw your request for syncs/photos and decided to help out.

Yeah no worries, I’m looking into it and it seems like a resolution thing possibly. Really confusing though.
Thanks for your help!

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