Troubleshooting Watch Face Pricing Issue

Hi Everyone!

We have decided to join the Facer platform and upload some of our watch faces. We wanted to upload them for free.

We purchased Facer PRO to enhance their design with more advanced features, but when we uploaded them, it seems that they are marked as paid, even though we are not Partners with Facer and do not have the option to monetize them.

How can we set them as free?

Thank you!


Hello and welcome.
Sadly you would have to remove the enhancements to make the faces fee again. Facer seems not offering any official option, described in documentation, to publish watchface with pro feature for free.
I think only feature from the pro package useful for free watchfaces is the option to attach promo images on the description page.

btw., If you really have 1M downloads on other platform, don’t worry, I bet they will invite you soon.


Thank you for the reply. Yes, unfortunately, I overlooked this aspect. It is specified that “if it contains pro features, it will be paid” when I publish the watch face on the Facer platform.

I have also re-added them for free. I hope there is no problem since I left duplicates.

Pro and Free versions.


Doing a good job there and you’ve created some nice Faces, keep it up and…oh…welcome to the Facer Community :+1:



Thank you for your reply. We are glad that we took this step and joined the Facer platform; it’s very cool and interactive. You feel like you can be close to the users who choose to wear your creation.


Welcome :blush:



Thank you!! I’m glad to be here. :blush:


Hey @recreativewfs . Welcome to The Facer Community Forum . I wonder why you come to Facer after your staggering Sucess on other Platforms . Also I wonder why you refer to yourself in the Plural . You must forgive me with our Modern Language are you saying you Identify as Non Binary . Enjoy .


Thank you for your message.

Success is relative and varies from individual to individual. I would say that Facer is a platform equally successful, if not more so. Therefore, it’s definitely the place you want to be.

There is much to discover and learn in every field you engage in.

Regarding the fact that I speak in the plural, whenever I send messages, I speak on behalf of the team, which is why we say ‘We.’


Ok Cool . Much Sucess to you and the team . I look forward to your Contribution Here .

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