Trying to control opacity from multiple toggles

I have 3 toggles for complications and want the hands to temporarily disappear for each toggle. What am I doing wrong here?


You are going to have to split them up into three seperate expressions. Use one in opacity, one in the X-Box to slide it off screen to the right and the third in the Y-Box to throw it off screen to the bottom. Then all three will work independently from each other.

OK, bummer. Thanks for the info.

How about for moving it off screen but not instant like this,


take a second to go off, then a second to go on?

I’ve only used #VAR_1# style in all of my expressions, I have no idea how #VAR_1_TE# is going to react. That is if it even works like you are expecting.

#VAR_1_TE# is like a timer so as above if time is greater than 0 but less than 1 second the location is 160, otherwise it’s -10

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So @mmoore410 If its a hand you want to dismiss using position you will have to send further than -10 . I will look at the code Up Top . I have done a little T and TE stuff using it for Pseudo Random as a matter of interest . Another way to dismiss stuff is zero size it .

Hey I hadn’t thought of the zero sizing, thanks russellcresser. The -10 is just an example. But do you have any thoughts on using the var toggle to move it offscreen and then back on but taking a second or so to do it?

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This works fine I just do not understand why you want 3 opacity conditions on one line . Have a look at the test and see if it fits otherwise get back .
I think Facer are working with the Tags and expressions on a continuous basis . If you have a problem one day and it is sorted the next . My Moto is Keep it as simple as Possible .

Ah, you’re using increments, I was using toggles.

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Hello, I guess you are using the right tag…
#VAR_1_TE# Elapsed time (in ms) since the interactive variable was last updated
Try this for the hands opacity:
On my gear S3 with Tizen it works as you described in first post

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Yes! Thank You!! works perfect

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Yeah. You would think it was a Toggle. Have Fun.