Trying to find the perfect backpacking face

I haven’t had good luck with the search function… what I’m looking for is a face that gives me the most important information I need when I go backpacking. Basically weather in the immediate future, and when is sunset so we can start setting up camp.

What I would love is a watch that tells me how many hours of daylight I have left, maybe in a day / night ring around the outside that rotates with an arrow at 12 being current time. Also showing important weather. Weather in 3 days isn’t important (unless it’s a hurricane), 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour weather would be more important. Watch and phone power are important too since we have to carry extra battery packs.

I’ve found a few faces with some of those features but not the key ones. Am I missing some cool face, or will I needed to figure out how to make it myself?


@solrac1970 Is this any use to you.

Inspectable Face. Take what you want and leave the rest : )


There are some cool faces, just maybe not with all features you mention.
Check this:

I also made something similar and can try to add the phone battery for you :slight_smile:
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You should check out @bradtc’s watches he has tons with what you need:

Mine has no weather but has the daylight stuff:

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Thanks for the support @ThaMattie!

@solrac1970, for your specifications I’d suggest either:

Sorry, Facer doesn’t currently have a way to break out the weather into the next 12 hours. That would be a nice feature to implement. Good luck!

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there is beauty in simplicity and clarity

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