Trying to find this face

I erased everything on my watch and didn’t save the name for this watch. Anyone know where I can find it? I’ve searched the site over and over, no luck. This is my last resort, to make an account and come to the community for help. HELP!

Edit: I’m an idiot and didn’t upload the watch face. Whoops. Here it is:

Welcome @jwaggoner19 If you don’t have a picture of this watch face, perhaps you can describe what it looked like?

It’s been a looooong day, fixed it.

At this point, if someone can recreate it, I’d pay for it. I’m so used to the look of it that it’s hard to get used to anything else.

I could probably do something similar, but I don’t copy watch faces 1 to 1. Also, I won’t charge you for that. but I can’t do it today unfortunately. Let me know.

I just saw this, sorta forgot. If you could do something similar with things in the same place I would be eternally grateful!