Trying to make digital clock change to timer

Howdy Facer Peeps,

I just got my first watch last week and decided to dive into watch making and enjoying it so far. But I’m not the type to leave well enough alone and I’m trying to get into functions, primarily for making a timer. I have some light experience in scripting in Powershell and reading code, but so far Expressions for Facer are eluding me.

Basically I use timers a lot for breaks at work. I love that Wear OS faces can have a timer app window for any timer there, and I get that Facer doesn’t have that (at least not yet) but I was hoping to find a way to make a set timer constant activate on the face. My current design I’m making has both a digital readout and analog hands, and I’m wanting to make it so I can trigger a variable a change where the digital clock changes to a countdown, say from 15 minutes. I can see from what some out there have done with their faces and some of the stuff and logic I see in Facer this could be possible, but I’m lost.

If someone has an expression for this already I would be in your debt. I figure its going to be something like a variable that I can trigger that makes an expression boolean state change so that the digital timer start counting down.

Thanks in advance anyone that wants to help!

Hi @iggy880 and welcome on board!
First, only Premium users can use variables in their code.
then, even if there is a way to have a preset countdown, you will not receive any notifications (alarm, vibrations, etc.).

Hi @jeberuth thanks for the welcome!

I did see it was Premium only, and I glanced at it while on the trial. I’m planning to reactivate it once I have a better idea of the functions.

I do realize there wouldn’t be any notification or anything, I’m more just wanting a visualization of the time. While notifications would be nice, its mostly for when I go for walks on breaks at work I don’t want time getting away from me, so being able to glance down and see how much longer I have from a countdown is beneficial. More of a keeping my brain honest than relying on an actual alarm to reign me on.