Trying to reach creator 'S1A' regarding 'Sun and Fun' face

New here, loving the app, tool, and community.

I’m trying to reach out to creator S1A but I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the forums. They have a great collection of faces, and there is one in particular I love. There is one minor feature about that face that I would love to alter, for my personal needs of course, and that is that relative humidity (which is currently displayed) is not as useful as Dew Point. Now maybe RH was chosen because DP was not offered by the weather server being used for the face, or maybe it was too complicated to use one over the other, but I have a simple equation that turns RH into DP in Fahrenheit. Often dew point is expressed in Celsius, since it is easier to calculate, but I would prefer it in Fahrenheit and can easily make the adjustment.

If anyone is interested:

Dew Point in C = Temp in C - (100 - (Relative Humidity in Percent / 5))

Since the equation only functions accurately in C, for F, you must convert to C then back to F.

So first convert:

(F Temp -32) / 2 = C Temp

Next Perform Dew Point Calculation above.

Finally convert:

(C Dew Point * 2) + 32 = F dew point

I’d love to get a copy of Fun and Sun working with F Dew Point instead of F Relative Humidity, and could easily make the change in the code. I just need access from S1A, unless of course they want to make the change themselves haha. Again, IMO, Dew Point is way more functional from a ‘How Does It Feel’ weather standpoint than Relative Humidity, since Dew Point is a constant scale, and Relative Humidity is, well… Relative.

Dew Point Scale: DP < 50, Comfortable, 50 < DP > 65, Sticky/Muggy, DP > 65, Oppressive/Very Uncomfortable.

If anyone could help me get in touch with S1A, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks All!


Thank you for the information on calculating the dew point - that could be very useful.

If you do manage to contact S1A, I think they would have to change the face themselves - I don’t think there is a way to give edit access to someone else.

I assume you already left a comment on the watchface itself (in the app)?

In fact I have not. Didn’t realize there was a comment section. Is that an app only feature? I didn’t notice a comment section online. Thanks for the tip.

I figured either they could add it, or they could share the face code and I could paste it into a new face that I create purely to modify that one feature and then use for myself.

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I think it is app only

Sorry, as @ThaMattie said, I think it could only be edited in the App - I don’t think it is possible to export the code.