Tutorial - Chronograph Style

I have been asked more than once how my chronograph style watch faces are created. It is mix out of elements I have created using a vector graphics program, free pictures found in the Internet, and resources shared in the Facer community.

I do not create the whole face in the graphics program for 2 main reasons:

  1. It is sometimes easier to use the shadow function in facer
  2. It is easy to use the same element again and give it a different color for the dim mode


Add a background. Picture cut to a round png file.

Add stripes. These are standard rectangle elements. Center one is 50% opacity.

Add shade to give it a round and light to dark effect. This is a simple shaded circle as further below, but used with 15% opacity.

Add rim. This is a created element. But basically 2 rims with opposite shading. Added facer shadow.

Design elements added. These are simple arc elements are not well aligned here…. Added shadow to give the curb a bit of a 3d effect.

Add tickmarks with shadow and tachymeter bezel. These are created elements. Also added 2 shapes as background for the 2 dials

Added same shadow used before for the 2 dials (15% opacity). Added thick dark shadow. Taken from the Facer community resources.

Added rims (with shadow) for the dials and numbers. Created with a graphics program. Bmp, stp, racing f1, and series number are text elements. Added date background and small hands. All created with a graphics program.

Added date, date rim and shadow to give a 3D effect. Shadow added (see image further below), used with 65% opacity. Added target logo (image).

Shading 2

Added hands and center point, all created with a graphics program. Hands are rims with separate background hands, so that color can be changed in dim mode.

That’s it!


Brilliant . Thank you very Much .


Good work Tom,
Thank you for this splendid tutorial.
I wish we had more of them…


I have found and do find using my graphics app to make at least something looking realistically 3D very difficult, rather impossible. So thanks for the detailed description of your graphical process. It will help me (and many others) very much and it’s something I have been waiting for a long time - SO MANY THANKS.


A tutorial made by a professional :smile:


Here the additional resources:

Date rim:

Date rim background:

Dial rim:

Large rim (which I flipped by 180°):

Carbon background: