Tutorials: The Badges

On the Certified and Licensed badge descriptions, it would be helpful of there could be a description of where to find the tutorials. I think more of us would learn from them if we knew how to access them.

Yeah, I because I have no idea where to find the Licensed tutorial.

How do you get certified badge?

This is all information, from @pacingpoet

What you have to do is:

  1. go to http://community.facer.io/u/username/messages8 (put your own username in the link)
  2. go to the Greetings conversation with @discobot
  3. type @discobot start new user
  4. do every single thing @discobot asks

If you successfully complete the whole tutorial, your profile will show the badge and @discobot will send you a completion certificate. If he gets confused at any point, you have to start over. :angry:

The place @discobot kept losing me was when he asks for a mention. :weary:

To get the Licensed badge, you have to type @discobot start advanced user and complete that tutorial. You can get the two badges either order.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @pacingpoet and @rarest .
I was looking for it before but I couldn’t find it.