TV Cartoon Series Animated


I want to be the first one to reply because when I posted two designs years ago no one replied. I was crushed and swore never to post another design in the community. As to the above watch faces, very cute! I had forgotten about some of those old cartoons. Did you animate them? The last one is my favorite probably because I can relate to the chocolate donut thing.


thanks for your comment but i doesnt bother me that no one comments, its something im used to with the users of this community that keep flagging my comments for no reason as a bunch of bullies with Delusions of Grandeur about how special they are, and as someone that enjoys pointing out reality , im used to the conflict that it brings.
As for your question , yes some things i animate myself in photoshop , some with code and others i find as gifs already.


They all look awesome, very well put together


Brings me back to my younger days watching Adult Swim. :clap:

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