Two accounts under my name

I have two Facer accounts and want to keep my original but I think it is Tizen. I got facer app on my Watch 4 and signed up for Facer. I was making faces for my Gear S3 before.
What di I do? I click on the app and wind up on one or the other.

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I would change the email address and alter your name on the “extra” account and use the one you prefer as your main account. I have three under 3 different email address and usernames. This one which is my main account, another one which I use on my personal watch and a third one I use mostly for testing and limited publishing of Apple faces and test faces.

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I have no control over which one comes up. I designed my face in the old account and uploaded it to my watch and it works. But I can NOT upgrade my account. All it does is try to open a page in my browser over and over.

Just stick with which ever one works the best for you.

How do I get Facer Creator online account. I have an icon on my desktop. I am working with version 4.1 Tizen for myS3 when I had it.

Facer Creator Just sign in. You might have to set up a new account. The Community pages here and Facer Creator and website uses different accounts, but you can sign up with the same email address and password so it feels like all the same on our end.

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