Ugly Popsicle (the name says it all)

I just came across one of the ugliest watches I’ve ever seen :nauseated_face:
And then for reasons beyond me, I was compelled to do this anyway :crazy_face:

Why do I say ugly, you ask? Go beyond the dial, and gaze upon the original here. Then take a peek at its even uglier cousin here.


Looking good my friend :+1:

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Please don’t tell me that applies to the original… or at least not to the original’s cousin! :rofl:

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After looking at the inspiration and its cousin, I can say you have made a nice-looking watch face. Fortunately for you Facer doesn’t have such ugly cases with “colorful” crowns as the originals have. :laughing:


Add a coin slot on its side, and that “thing” could pass for an arcade game :rofl: :rofl:
(and those are not crowns, they’re joysticks!)

I actually think the basic design, i.e. the forms, is good.
I think the colors … hmm … take some getting used to.

but overall a good job…

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Yea I know, it doesn’t have much contrast either… but it’s just a recreation. Those are why the name.

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