Uh oh! Can't connect with watch message

I’ve been attempting to download the Steeler watch faces. I have followed the directions to sync & download Facer, I’m no rookie. :wink:

Facer is on my watch & I have it as my primary display.

However for the life of me, I cannot Facer to sync & download ANY the items to my Galaxy S3 Frontier. I’m currently using my new Galaxy Note S10 & it wouldn’t work with my Galaxy Note S5 either.

Oh, by the way, I have left comments & pics on all the Steeler watchfaces that I could not download. I’m both perturbed & trying to get attention @ the same time.

Please assist!

Did you check if you are logged in with your Username account at facer.io before syncing?

Do you have notifications turned on in the Facer App?

Ok, got it! it’s working now! I appreciate your attention on this. The settings in my Facer account had defaulted back to a ‘Casio’ brand. Interesting…

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Glad i could assist and that it works for you now.

Greetings, GAUSS.