UI5 Update Yippeee !?

I just got the UI5 update on my GW4 Classic . Sadly it has caused me problems on WFS . So Facer becomes my Best Friend for making Faces .
I notice that Facer has covered the embarrassment of the Stuck Display on Wake with a shot of the AOD . I never use AOD so this is Actualy Worse for me .
Oh Well . This is Obviously Progress . What with the WOS3 stuff now WOS4 I really need something to boost my Intrest .
Strangly I was looking forward to UI5 . Silly Me .


I had that problem on watch4 but not on watch5.
I thought it’s been solved long time ago for all watches.

I must say I like UI5.

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Hey . yes I am sure it is better . My Old age does not endear me to change .

You are smart :100:,and you thought that UI5 would be better,because the developers should have done it,but it wasn’t.