Ukf/Drum n bass

New to this so I’m not sure if I’m meant to post this in here but Would absolutely love a drum and bass or a ukf watchface seems to be nothing about anywhere can anyone design one? Or point me in a direction of where I might find one


Hi and welcome if you have some sort of an image you could put together as to what you want i will certainly have a go at making it for you just try to be as clear as possible what you like ok

Hiya mate

Well I would love it to be animated so maybe the UKF drum n bass yellow symbol pulsating or something or maybe a dj on decks with some old drum n bass vinyl maybe with the time on them? With some speakers with temp or weather or something and dj has some sunglasses on? Could have the time in each piece of glass? But would really want the emphasis that it’s drum n bass so maybe a ukf t shirt or hospital records or something? Or could even be on a stage with ukf behind him?

Ok only had a few mins to play with this today this is just a quick mock up but your input would be great

I like that alot I think my only points would be

Remove the glasses as they just remind me of Kanye West haha

The ukf needs to come up brighter I think

And needs more details ie temp or weather or city or whatever

Other than that I like it and I think could only improve with more time


Ok done a bit more work opinions please

I like that mate personally I would lose the green splodge as that’s the colour of ukf dubstep also could get some info on them turntables like battery % and weather?

Hello mate did you finish this?