Ultra Violet Index tag

My watch face includes the tag #WUVI# which as far as I know is metric. When I change to imperial in creator the index result is completely different, for example - maximum index is greater or equal to 11 which results in EXTREME changing from metric to imperial units (in Creator)results in LOW. So does anyone have or knows where to get the UVI index in Imperial or knows a factor that I can apply to convert the metric index 0 - 11+ into the imperial equivalent?


I dont think you need any adjustment. The range is in both settings 0-12. I think there run two separate sets of preview settings, one for each unit system.
Note, if you preview temperature in one unit system and then switch to the other, it does not show the equivalent, but value that was set last time (or default).


Same with Wind Speed Etc . It is not converted .

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