Ummm.... Seconds?

so if i wanted to make a analog face that instead of a seconds hand it had the seconds around the tick marks and for every second i wanted it to glow when it was that second…

would i have to make a frame for every second? or how would i go about doing this in a easy manner lol

This Should be way easier. Design your tick mark to be a clear png the full size of your face (640). The only thing you should see on that layer is the one tick you want to move and put this in your rotation code.


Hope this is what you meant.

Close to it but instead of the numbers rotating can i do that for say a… glow setup behind the numbers in the same rotation with the numbers standing still?

Yeah, just put that code on the layer you want to rotate. How it works is, the “-0+” means its starting from 0 degrees or straight up rather and moves clockwise. The 6* means its moving 6 degrees each time it ticks. The #Ds# is telling it to tick each second. Maybe understanding how it works will help you apply the code better.

awesome thanks for the explanation. not much explanation on the codes to begin with. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i appreciate it

No problem, I’m always glad to help when I can. unfortunately I dont often Know the answer. I’m stoked I knew this one. Did you get it to work the way you wanted it to?

i ran a quick test since im at work but once i officially use it i will let you know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok cool. I have followed you because I’m excited to see whatever it is you’re working on.

lol sounds good to me. but im a newbie to this so im trying to get all the info i can and get it to look like what ive put together in my mind

and on that note… what is the tag to make something transparent until the seconds hand moves over it in like a circular motion? if that makes any sense… :thinking:

I quickly tried to do an example of this, and set it to be inspectable. Is this what you’re talking about?

If so, hope this helps.

ding ding ding that is exactly what i was looking for but for the tick marks to be transparent until the second hand goes over it

Not sure what you mean by transparent. Completely invisible? Or do you mean fading in and out? Or something else?

completely invisible until the second hand goes over it to make it visible

Try going into Inspector Mode on that example, and remove the background image. The only thing that would then be visible is the glowing tick (and the hands themselves). All other tick marks disappear.

ok so i did that and thats exactly what i was looking for thanks
but for some reason when i removed the background it wouldnt move idk might be cuz of the computer im on but yeah. thanks for the help @curiouskangaroo

Lol so what I previously stated was inaccurate…

Let me try to make this a bit more clear…

Let’s say I have the outer ring of words on this image

And I want it to scroll thru it as the seconds count so if it was at 15 seconds only that area of the face would be visible but the rest of it to be invisible while it counts…
How would I do that would I have to clip each one into sections of each second and have them coded per second?

And this is just an example not the real picture of what I’m aiming for

Well there is a few ways to do this. I think the easiest is going to be having a layer masking or covering up the layer you want hidden. If you make a “second hand” that looks like this.

Then it will rotate as a normal second hand would. As it rotates the opening at the top will reveal whatever is behind it. You can accomplish a lot of cool tricks just by layering and you don’t need a lot of fancy code to do it.

This is a quick example of what it would look like (not moving though but you’ll get the point I think)

Is that more of what you mean?

Yes thank you lol
Also for some reason when I upload the image I want it doesn’t rotate on a perfect axis… any idea why?

You have to make sure that the image is square and the image is perfectly centered typically. What photo editing software are you using? I hand paint most of my initial designs on my phone in sketchbook. Unfortunately sketchbook doesn’t have a way to center things perfectly and my eye is only so good so that happens to me a lot. I upload all my sketchbook layers to Photoshop to make any centering or scaling adjustments then do 3d/lighting effects. Sometimes It will be so off that I have to redraw it in Photoshop all together.

One issue I found is that you sometimes need an invisible pixel (px). I color it the same color as the background (BK). In this instance I left it white so you could see, and than I choose the bottom align to rotate how I need it. The red line is so you can set the watch for midnight and see the white dot just in case. I make the invisible px 1,1 in size. This is my cheat method for when I can’t figure out the math or to test the rotation I am looking for, especially when facer imports and changes the size of my objects in either the x and/or y.