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Unable to add facer to watch

Why wont facer appear on my watch as a face to add a new watch face

Make sure you have the Companion App on your Watch and that you have Facer selected as your Watch Face. If you have these already, then try a restart of Phone and Watch.

Along with what @icrltd4 said, you also have to have a supported watch. Facer only supports Apple, Samsung and all WearOS powered watches. If it doesn’t have the Apple, Tizen or WearOS operating system, it will not work on Facer.

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I get the same problem with my 4 Classic and 5 Pro. The first time I see it in there download a face but anytime after that I don’t see it in there anymore and just go to the left and choose edit on phone and click facer in the app. Pain but it’s all I can figure. Same with WatchMaker, only saw it the first time. I know it loaded the companion apps plus I’ve seen it once on the watch when loading another face.

My GW4 “Active” and my GW4 Classic both show the last used face to the right. It will almost always be Facer or the Galaxy Dashboard face for me. I don’t know if there is a choice of recent sort order in the GW4s. If there is a difference in order, mine must be in order of use and yours sounds like it’s in an alphabetical or numerical sort.