Unable to connect to Facer on your watch

I couldn’t connect my mobile Huawei P10 with the watch Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

I get the following message:
Unable to connect to Facer on your watch.

App on mobile amd watch is new installed.
Watch is connected via bluetooth.

Has anybody an idea

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All I can suggest is to make sure that you have all the latest software / OS files installed:

  • phone OS
  • watch OS
  • watch Gear App
  • Facer App on phone and on Watch ( although you already said that you have those )

If that does not work you could raise a support request with the Facer guys:


or email


I hope you can sort out your issue.

Hi @mikeoday,

yes, that was the steps.
Looking for the OS: no updates available.
New installation of the APP’s on the mobile device and also on the watch.

Playing with bluetooth settings etc.

Bluetooth connnections works with the galaxy wearable app, but not with the Facer.


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Sorry it did not help. Hopefully someone else with better ideas will jump into the conversation. Failing that all I can suggest is to lodge a support request at the addresses detailed above.

A request to the support is still in process.

But thanks for your help.

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