Unable to generate code from Fossil watch with IPhone

Hello Support,

I am using fossil FTW4012 4th generation with IPhone SE with latest version 12
And I downloaded Facer app on iPhone and watch and when I try to generate code it gives black blank screen and then error message that not able due to internet connection, however I’m connected to WiFi and Bluetooth and tried factory reset and google play services but with no luck.
Could you please advise as it’s really annoying :slight_smile:

Look at the forum. Its wide spread. It doesnt work . Facer is supposed to be working on it.


Yes, as @bubbaskids40 noted, this is indeed impacting a number of iPhone users. We are currently working on finding a solution with Google.

Thanks for your feedback.
But you could you please advise and Estimated time to resolve the issue ?

Thanks @bubbaskids40