Unable to get the "Facer Companion" application


This is to request to provide step by step information on how to get the “Facer Companion” application. I work my self in IT and yet puzzled to find out the information on how to get the “Facer Companion”. Facer website do not talk about “Facer Companion” in detail neither provide any help on how to get the “Facer Companion”. My understanding is that once the “Facer Watch Faces” downloaded on the phone it should provide a link to down load the “Facer Companion” as well. I get the link but it says the application is not available at the store.

I recently bought Samsung gear S2 Classic for my son. He downloaded the “Facer Watch Faces” from the Google Play store on his Samsung phone. He has also an account on Samsung Galaxy Apps store, yet Facer software says that the companion application not available in store.

I sent the email to Facer but seems its taking time for them to reply. Anyone here can provide information. Appreciate any help

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Hi Anjum, the companion app is only available from Galaxy APP Store and via the Gear APP, see this video on youtube:

Also download this app to the phone first, see icon image, this is available in the Google Play Store.

Hope this helps

Hi Hyden, Thank you for the reply. It did not resolved the issue. Here what I did. I sat down with my son and then all the steps my self. When I launch first time Facer application it bring to the screen where it says download the Companion but then it gives the error that the product dose not exist in the store.

Just for the safe side I did the following 2 things.
1-Settings > Application > Application Manager > More > Reset the application preference, this did not helped.
2.Power off the device, Hard reset (Vol up+home+Power buttons), from the system screen, clear the cache partition. This also did not helped.

Always get the error that “Product dose not exist in the store”. Tried from 2 different phone with no success. Any idea what’s wrong?

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Thanks for the report - this seems to be an issue on the Samsung / Galaxy App Store side. We will follow up with them and get back to you,


Thank you for confirming. Please update how quick it can be fixed?

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i have the same problem, i cant find a form to can install the companion app in the watch… i have the same error. doest exist in the latin store…

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Hi lobofeo,
As one of the support team from the Facer company said above they have this issue. After posting the issue here I also opened a ticket or case number with the Facer. I got the reply from their support person that they are following up with the Samsung to fix this issue at Samsung App store. I sent the follow up today requesting them to update me or update on this forum when this issue will be resolved.
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My son confirmed that “Companion App” is now visible from Samsung App store from the phone and he was able to downloaded the “Companion” app on the watch through the phone. He was able to transfer watch faces successfully to watch. It seems the issue is resolved.

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That’s weird. I have the companion installed and I’m able to transfer watch faces… But I can’t find it in the Gear store. I remember it said there was an update available, and when I clicked on it, it said the application was not available anymore… I can still use it but can’t update it nor find it at all…

Hi gabrielsalas,

I would suggest open a ticket with facer tech. support.


Good morning, I suffer the same problem, with “Facer Companion" at Samsung store. Thus the Facer apk on phone is totally useless.
Hereunder some data:
Country: Colombia
Phone: Galaxy S8+
Watch: Gear S3 Frontier
Third party apk are allowed on phone and watch.

Downloaded and installed Facer on phone; when I try to download Facer Companion from Samsung Store/ Gear I receive the message “No Results”; from Samsung Store/apk list I receive noting.
It seems that the Facer Companion is no allowed in Colombia. Any comment? Any solution?
May be a work around downloading the apk form a site and launch it from the phone?

I’m in Canada and I still can not download it for my 730a model gear s2

I resolved it by going to the browser and downloading it from there. Just go to google look for facer companion and download. It worked perfect.

@Facer_Official its been 3 years. Any update on this issue ? I live in US and facer companion app does not exist in the galaxy app store.


It’s definitely there in the galaxy store. If you’ve been looking under the “apps” section try looking under the watch faces section.