Unable to get weather info on watch face

Hi there,

I am unable to get the weather info and location on my watch face although in the app it displayed the information. But once i sync it to my watch, the info is loss and nothing appear. The weather info and location is not available for all watch faces.

Currently using Gear S3 Frontier. Anyone had also solutions to this?

I have a Frontier S3 too and I don’t have a guaranteed solution but I can tell you what I did:

Restarted phone and watch several times - NOTHING.
Chose different watchface, then back to Facer - NOTHING.

Checked to see if manual locations are set, they were. “Use Current Location” is “off” in my Samsung Gear app on my phone. Just for shitzengrins, I went to my “Location” on my phone and turned it on, even though it’s a battery drainer, and lo and behold - SOLVED.

Only problem now is that the info is wrong. The temp is usually 1-2 degrees different from the Weatherzone+ data on my phone and the native Weather app on my watch. The days Hi and Low aren’t right either. The High can be close, but the low is usually just a few degress under that and never anywhere close to the actual low temp for the day.