Unable to install Facer Companion on Galaxy Watch 46mm

For some unknown reason I had to reset my Galaxy 46 mm. That worked OK - but now I am unable to find or install the Facer Companion app.

This URL

Is supposed to link to the installer, but there are no clickable links on that page. That’s the same URL I’ve used to install the Companion app many times before. Is the app broken?

Swipe up on your watchface. Click the Google Play link. Search for Facer and it will take you to the Facer Companion app. You can then download it to your watch from there.

If only it was that simple.

After resetting my watch I have only the standard / default Samsung faces. Swiping up does nothing. I can swipe right to get 2 alternate faces, but that’s it.

In the past I opened the URL I posted above, clicked on the Install icon, and the Companion app got installed on my phone. Now none of that works.

Are you having a problem putting the Facer app on your phone or your watch? If it’s the phone just go to Google Play and install it there. If you have the Facer app on your phone but not your watch, you can go in the phone app to settings. (The three line “hamburger menu” link on the top left) Click settings at the bottom then find Facer Companion App and click that section and the phone app should load the companion app to your watch.

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OK - I’m back in business! To fix this I used the Restore function from the Samsung Wear app. It takes about 5 min. to restore everything to the watch, but it works fine.

I lost a few backup Facer faces, but I can get them back or maybe get some different ones.