Unable to install Facer Companion on Gear S3

Hi, I just bought Samsung Gear S3 and I’m really interested in some Facer watchfaces for my gear S3. Im facing the following problem. After I installed Facer in my Note 5 and try to install Facer Companion, I receive the following error:

This app is no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or on this device.

I don’t know it it is due to my location, Puerto Rico. Please let me know if tere is a solution to this problem.


This is indeed due to your location - we’ve been dealing with an issue with Samsung that prevents users in some countries to access Facer, but the good news is that it should be resolved by next week. Thanks so much for your patience!

I have the same issue in South Africa for my gear s2 classic/s7. When will the companion app ve availible in the store again?

Still having the same problem. Is there any update?

I have the same problem. I can’t install Facer in my Gear S3 Frontier. I recibe the message “This aplication can’t be bougth or it isn’t admitted in this country (3010:4002:153951d1d023)” … My location is Ecuador.
Your help please.

I was using Facer and accidentally removed it from my Samsung Gear 3. I am now unable to reinstall it. I cant find the companion app at all in the app store. What can I do? I am in Clifornia, USA.

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I’m also in Ecuador, can’t install the Companion app on my Gear S2 and it doesn’t look like Facer is interested in solving this. Does anyone know another place where the app can be found and sideloaded? OR, is there a way to save faces made in Facer Creator to a local GWD file and I’ll just load the faces I’ve created in Gear Watch Designer. I love that Facer Creator has text tags like Phone Battery Percentage that you don’t see in other designers, but if I can’t load my design onto my watch it really doesn’t matter.

I’m in california and I also can’t access the companion app for my gear s2. It doesn’t show up on the list of apps in the galaxy app store. I had my boyfriend share it with me and it won’t let me install it.

I have a Gear S3 Frontier, Samsung S8 Edge, both fully up to date. I currently live in Colombia and cannot see the Companion app in the Play Store, the Galaxy App Store or on the Gear S3. I got the ‘Product does not exist in this store’ once but now it doesn’t even go that far.

Is this still a region issue, I cannot get it to appear behind a VPN either. Any advice would be appreciated.

Vivo en Guatemala y no me aparece la aplicación en la aplicación Gear Galaxy apps , tengo un gear S3 frontier y un Huawei Mate 9. Ni siquiera aparece la app. Si alguien sabe o Facer que me pueda ayudar con el tema.