Unable to install Facer on Gear S3


I’m aware that the Gear S3 is rather old, but I had to reset it to connect to a new phone, and now the method described on the Facer app to show a QRCode (4 taps on the screen) don’t work. Is there any other way to install Facer on the Gear S3?

I’ve never had to use a QR code, just download and install the Facer Companion App from the Store on your Watch.
Your phone would need to running on newer software as well, such as newer versions of Android.

That’s another problem. Gear S3 runs Tizen, and apparently don’t have access to the store anymore :frowning:

Use the Facer app on your phone to install the companion app. Go to the three line menu where you have to set the Gear 3 as your watch. On the same settings page just below that, you will find “Facer Companion App” click that to install the app to your watch.


But… Huge fault, I forgot to explain that I don’t have an Android phone, I’m using iOS. And so, the link that you kindly pointed only have a button saying “Open Facer in Galaxy Apps”, a thing I obviously can’t do with an iPhone.

It’s starting to look like I’ll have to shop for a new smartwatch, which is sad 'cause this little old guy is still going strong.

Hi, even on iOS there must be app, from where you are connecting your watch with the phone. That app should have the option for browsing watchfaces and may also have access to “store” (on my version the link was removed). There I would search for facer watch face.
Or try long press on the display as you would for changing the face. On the most far right end should be option to acquire new faces. On my Gear S3 it offers some old faces, but on far left end of the list it offers to open the store on phone. Check whether you have this option on yours too.

Yes, for sure it have and I already installed some new faces. Unfortunately, only could find one of the collection I used to have. The store shortcut is in fact there, at the end of the faces selection, but it leads to nowhere, as the watch can no longer find the store.

On top of that, there’s apparently no way to reinstall the Faces companion, and so is also gone my collection on Faces.

What to say, apple+non-apple combinations always had limitations and now unfortunately is probably forced into obsolescence.

I run a Gear S3 Frontier with Facer and it works fine.

Mine does work well too, with my S7 galaxy phone. But the problem here was with apple. Do you pair it with iPhone?

Oops yes sorry, using an iphone. Works fine.

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Nice. But my problem is that I had to reset the watch to connect to a new iPhone. Also, I couldn’t do a backup from the old phone 'cause, while connecting to Bluetooth normally, for some reason the watch wasn’t pairing with the Samsung Gear app anymore (the old “Finishing pairing” problem). And now, I have no way to reinstall Facer on the watch.

I found a thing to clear the Cache on our Watches . I will have a look for it . Remind me which watch you have . Do the same on your Phone . I the old days you could ask BT to Forget a Failed Paring but I don’t see that tgese days . BT has got to clever . Also We have BTL E now .

I am not sure this apply to your watch .
Thanks to @mrantisocialguy for finding this .

Thanks for your effort. However, I tried all sorts of things before having to do a factory reset on my S3. The “finishing pairing” error is widely known, and usually only goes away with a factory reset.

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OK . Is it sorted now . Sadly the S3 is becoming what the Manufacturers consider OLD . I suppose the Life expectancy of support on our watches is about the Length of the Battery Life . If you have looked after it you are on your own.

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It’s sorted… somewhat. Bought an Apple Watch Ultra :rofl:

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Ah Ha . Gone over to the other side we Have , You could have got two Samsungs for that Money . Enjoy, Now is not the right time to tell you about the Apple Restrictions on Facer. However most seem to be able to bypass them so Enjoy .

Samsung lost me after the S3, mostly 'cause of the design, their line lost that rugged look I like to see on a watch. I was turned on a bit with the new Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, with the return of the long missed rotary crown. But it will still lack on compatibility with iOS, so for about $200 more, the Ultra makes more sense to me :+1:

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