Unable to login to Windows Facer Creator App on Windows

Hi Facer Community Users/Team,

I am new to the platform and I am trying to create my first watch face using the Facer Creator app for Windows. I was able to install the software on my machine but when I am trying to login to the app using my login credentials the app doesn’t complete the login action. Am I missing something here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure what the issue is.

Does the Login via Browser work?

I’ve also been unable to use the Windows app for quite a long time. No problem logging into Creator on the web, but not the Windows app. Uninstalling it and reinstalling hasn’t helped. I gave up.

By the way, the one feature I had hoped the Windows app had when I first downloaded it was that you could save/export your faces to a file!

It worked via browser and I was able to create my very own watch face and my joy was second to none when someone synced my watch face. It was surreal!

Sadly, the windows app did not work (login as well as watch face creation) even after restarting the machine as well as the application itself.

I was also thinking the same, that we would be able to download the files after creating a watch face on the desktop app. I hope it gets resolved. Can we get this issue highlighted with the facer community admin team or anyone who is primarily involved with the Windows application development or management? Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Sorry, I should have said that the app used to work 2+ years ago and stopped working for me some 12-18 months ago. But in any case, and unfortunately, it never had the capability to save/export faces as much as I wish it did.

Thanks for the update @kourosh. I assume that you’ve been part of the Facer community for more than 2 years now, so I am just being upfront about the basic and the pro versions that are out there. I am not sure whether I should directly jump into the pro version or first try out the basic version. I just published my second watch face using the basic version which doesn’t give any pro features. Would you like to suggest me something over here. I know I am out of context with respect to the topic of the thread but anything would be fine. Thanks. And Merry Christmas by the way :smiley:

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With anything new It’s always best to get to know your way around before spending money-- or at least that’s how I started: basic first, then Pro after a couple of months. I didn’t renew this summer for financial reasons, so perhaps next summer. And happy Festivus!



Anything that you would suggest on how I start my journey as a watch face designer? All comments are most welcome :smiley:

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Welcome @abdulwaajed . Yes it is wonderful to Imagine someone else on the Planet is wearing something you made on their Watch . As @kourosh has said . Stay with Facer Basics for a bit . You will be staggered what can be made with those Bits . You will learn to inspect The work of others . Most of the contributors that respond here leave their work open . for others to Learn from . The other thing to do is search the Forum for Resources . There is a Stunning collection of Hands / Pointers and other bits . The most important thing is to have Fun . The other thing to be Aware of it is likely to become an obsession .
#@tom.vannes . I would not be surprised if Facer Have completely Dumped the Downloadable Application . It was never Independent of the Internet . It was a very Top Heavy bit of Bloatware . Everything was stored on the server . So I would try forget it .

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Thanks for all the info @russellcresser. I am already too much into the creator app. I am starting with the basics as of now but would definitely follow whatever you suggested. And yes, it does feel great when someone syncs the watch face that you created. I just got that pleasure today when my first watch face was synced by someone :smiley:


There is a wealth of information in this community. Enjoy!